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To make the ordering process easier, we have put together an Ug Chug Standard Box that includes an assortment of our best-selling Ug Chug Mug styles and colors. The Standard Box provides a nice variety that highlights the uniqueness of every mug and makes for an engaging display. It includes the following styles in assorted colors: 3 Handlebar, 4 Lashy, 3 Monocle, 3 Overbite, 2 Yawn, 2 Smiley, 4 Toothy, 2 Bushy Mustache, and 4 Toothy-Tongue. 

Please note: Each mug is handmade and will vary.

We can also work with you to choose whatever assortment best suits your needs. We offer additional styles for wholesale, but they may require longer processing periods.
For ordering or pricing/shipping inquiries, please contact us at 256-338-7555 or send us an email at nelsonstudiopottery@gmail.com.