Dan, the Ug Chug Mug
Dan, the Ug Chug Mug
Dan, the Ug Chug Mug

Dan, the Ug Chug Mug

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Don't mind Dan's crazy face. With multiple sleepless nights, a minivan full of discarded snack packs and dirty sports gear, and a bed full of cats and toddlers under his belt, he's finally reached the brink of temporary insanity. Staring into the abyss of parental exhaustion, he realized that he could either futilely rail against his fate or meet it with a crazed smile and a pot full of coffee. Cookies help, too. As do foam rollers and heating pads.

Dan is also a fantastic beverage holder. He was first thrown on the pottery wheel and his eyes and features were made and added by hand. He's made from cone 10 stoneware, so he's very durable and is even safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. 

Dan is about 4.25" tall and 3.75" wide and holds about 20 ounces. He is finished with a food-safe glaze in Green. Dan is an Ug-Chug Mug, so he's stamped with the CLN and Ug-Chug logos and his year.

Dan is ready to ship and is carefully packaged in a gift box with tissue paper and shipped in a larger, sturdy shipping box, so he's very easy to give as a gift. Our packaging materials include packing paper and plenty of bubble wrap. His personality description is included in his packaging.