Duke, the Ug Chug Mug

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With his neatly trimmed mustachio and sophisticated eyepiece, this mug is certainly a study in elegance. As is fitting for his elegant bearing, he goes by the name of Duke, and in order to maintain his dignified demeanor, he rarely smiles and never guffaws. Instead, Duke prefers to remain straight faced and solemn, indulging in only the most respectable of activities, such as playing chess, debating classical Greek literature, and snacking on petit fours and crumpets. Duke also deigns to hold beverages, since he sees the task as an elegant manner in which to interact with people. While he prefers to serve up a stout cup of Earl Grey, he actually works rather well for anything from hot coffee to cold milk.

Duke is a one of a kind piece of pottery, completely handmade from cone 10 stoneware. He was first thrown on the pottery wheel, and his eyes, monocle, and mustache were made and added by hand. He is very durable and is even safe to use in the MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER.

Duke is about 4" tall and 3.5" wide, and he holds around 16 ounces. He is finished with a food-safe glaze in blue. Duke is an Ug-Chug Mug, so he's stamped with the Ug-Chug logo and his year.

Duke is ready to ship and is carefully packaged in a gift box and shipped in a larger, sturdy shipping box. Our packaging materials include packing paper and plenty of bubble wrap. His personality description and care instructions are included in his packaging.