Liz, the Ug Chug Mug
Liz, the Ug Chug Mug
Liz, the Ug Chug Mug

Liz, the Ug Chug Mug

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Liz has reached the point of crazy where she's finally decided to sit back and let it happen. She's come to expect multiple trips to the grocery store in one day because she forgot bathroom tissue and then realized she needed something for dinner and then remembered the craft supplies for PTL. She's never surprised when the car won't crank or needs new tires or generally smokes, rattles, and squeals as she's driving. And explosions of finger paint, dog-strew bags of garbage, and even projectile vomit don't even phase her. She just pours another cup of coffee, cracks open her secret stash of chocolate and plunges right in.

Liz was first thrown on the pottery wheel, and her eyes and teeth were made and added by hand. She is made from stoneware and high-fired for durability. She is MICROWAVE and DISHWASHER SAFE. 

Liz is about 3.75" tall and 3.25" wide. She holds about 12 ounces. Liz is finished with a food-safe glaze in brick red. She is an Ug-Chug Mug, so she's stamped with the CLN and Ug-Chug logos and her year.

Liz is ready to ship and is carefully packaged in a gift box and shipped in a larger, sturdy shipping box. Our packaging materials include packing paper and plenty of bubble wrap. Her personality description and care instructions are included in her packaging.