Tater, the Ug Chug Mug
Tater, the Ug Chug Mug
Tater, the Ug Chug Mug

Tater, the Ug Chug Mug

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Tater is loyal, friendly and obedient, but we can't say that he's not high-maintenance. He prefers only the highest-quality brand of dog-food (none of that dry, monotone store brand) and he anticipates his weekly grooming session with such excitement that he often dreams of it while napping on his overstuffed Egyptian-cotton dog pillow. He never chews on rubber dog toys - only genuine leather hide for him - and he prefers his water to be filtered. Other than that, easy peasy.

Tater is also an excellent beverage holder. He loves to serve up delicious drinks like hot coffee, tasty tea, and even an occasional beer. He's handmade from cone 10 stoneware, so he's very durable and is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Tater is about 4.25" tall and around 3.25" wide and holds about 16 ounces. He is finished with a food-safe glaze in Blue. Tater is an Ug-Chug Mug, so he is stamped with the CLN and Ug-Chug logos and his year.

Tater is carefully packaged in gift boxes using materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper, and they are shipped in sturdy shipping boxes.