Tommy, the Ug Chug Mug
Tommy, the Ug Chug Mug
Tommy, the Ug Chug Mug

Tommy, the Ug Chug Mug

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Tommy gets his kicks from seeing how much havoc he can wreak while still remaining in the good graces of his owner. So far, he's managed to shred three curtains, destroy one bag of cat food, pee on four blankets and leave an uncountable number of cat hairs on the couch. H's redeemed himself with a large-eyed loving gaze and lots of purring, which earned him a bowl of moist cat food and five kitty treats before bed. Tomorrow, he is considering terrorizing the dog, but he's also quite tempted to claw the new bedspread. He knows he's teetering on the edge of one rough night spent on the porch eating dry cat food and meowing pitifully, but he just can't help himself.

When Tommy is not terrorizing the household or looking extra-cute to make up for it, he is a fantastic beverage holder. He's made from cone 10 stoneware so he is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Tommy is about 4.25" tall and around 3.25" wide and holds about 16 ounces. He is finished with a food-safe glaze in Green. Tommy is an Ug-Chug Mug, so he is stamped with the CLN and Ug-Chug logos and his year.

Tommy i s carefully packaged in a gift box using materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper and shipped in a sturdy shipping box.